Helen Woolston

Recently I have been interested in the relationship between text and image, especially poetry, working through both visual and written forms.

I would like to use my time at Espacio Matrioska to experiment with different ways of creating poetry in a visual sense, to try to establish a real connection and to express my observations or feelings of being in that location, surrounded by the particular people there.

I like to connect with my surroundings by using observations combined with an element of the absurd – to reflect on the absurd that often is present in life – the surreal, and the subconscious imagined or dreamt worlds.

These observations usually take the form of drawings and small written texts, and I usually do this as a pastime, on the side of my longer animation projects, and sometimes I struggle to ‘find the time’ to do this. Now, I would like to take the time to fully dedicate myself to this process.

Drawings, printmaking, short video, recordings or pieces of short animation could perhaps be combined with a distorted form of language or sound-making, to give an ambiguous sense of place and surroundings, and build up these poems which I hope will reflect on my time and memories-to-be of Espacio Matrioska.